Professionals Back Office

The complete business back end to complement Retail Business front counter

The most cost-effective solution for your back office business needs.

  • Easy to set up master company and departments/lanes.
  • Operations centres that help you track supplier charges and customer debt. Including credit notes.
  • Use multiple bank accounts. As many as you like. Others limit you. We don't.

Control the format of invoices, quotes and statements.

  • Invoices, quotes and client statements can be set up to match your requirements.
  • Optionally include a payment slip, conditions of sale and payment options.
  • Use your own preprinted letterhead. Add your own logo.
  • Email invoices, quotes, orders (client and supplier) and statements.
  • Streamline your customer relationships. Email the required documents.
  • Add friendly reminders and request read receipts from within the program.

Single click to calculate G.S.T.

  • G.S.T. calculation is probably the quickest on the market. Once you have completed one return the software knows when your next return is due and calculates the G.S.T. totals as soon as you start it up.
  • Send the G.S.T. return the software generates to the I.R.D.
  • Switch G.S.T. accounting basis with one keystroke. G.S.T. imputation changes immediately. No other changes required.

Complete debtors management.

  • Flexible invoicing form. Print invoices and statements with payment slips.
  • Optionally leave room for your reprinted letterhead.
  • Check client debt and send statements out in a timely manner.
  • Debtors aging - both printed and screen enquiry. Client balances and work in progress.
  • Client "quick quotes". Produce accurate quotes and estimates based on your inventory. When accepted, turn it into an invoice.

Other features.

  • End of period adjustments. Set up journals and make the required end of period adjustments to ensure your end of year balances are correct.
  • Complete reporting - Aged debtors, supplier charges, transaction audits, trial balance, profit and loss, balance sheet, bank statements, many more.
  • Assets register - purchase capital items, sale and depreciation.
  • Back Office must be purchased as a module with Retail Business.

Comprehensive Stock management.

  • Includes a complete stock management system.
  • Arrange customer orders and consolidate them into the relevant supplier order for ease of tracking.
  • Import supplier price lists.
  • Carry out stock take.
  • Automated just in time stock replenishment when levels get low.
  • Set up items as either stock or non-stock items.
  • Invoice items can be from the inventory. Although they don't need to be.
  • Fully supports the point of sale - specials, printer assignments, price changes, menu button allocation.