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Feature Base System With Back Office With Workshop management With Hospitality
Touchscreen operation (optional)
Security - multiple levels, cashier logon and float
Multiple style (clothing) and options prompts
Multiple sales options - store sales, group specials, GST holidays, volume discounts, multi-item discount. Set up and start automatically.
Multiple payment types (EFTPOS, cash, cheques, coupons, invoices and a mixture of any two.
User configured buttons - for any item
Comprehensive stock management
Multiple payment types - includes free items (prizes) and coupons
Auto stock replenishment
Supplier stock orders and fulfillment
Refunds and cash outs (optional)
Track cashier sales
Multi-tender payments
Split payments
Format receipts
Multi-user option available
Comprehensive reporting ✔ POS only
Customer orders, quotes and invoices
Client loyalty cards and discounts
Customer bookings and sales tracking
Full accounting functions
Customer orders, quotes and invoices
Customer jobs
Invoicing for time, plant and materials
EFTPOS (Paymark (Ingenico terminals), DPS Payment Express, EFTPOS NZ) optional - see purchasing options.
Staff rosters
Table settings and bookings ✔ Appointments ✔ Jobs ✔ Tables
Services and menu settings
Split docket payment
Set services - menu types
Wait staff sales tracking
Bar sales and mixers
Bar tabs