Professional Systems - EFTPOS options for point of sale software

Professional Systems Ltd

Options for integrating EFTPOS with Professionals point of sale systems

Professional Systems is certified to access the Paymark network using the following options

  • NZ EFTPOS - you need to be an ANZ customer to use the EFI interface version.
  • DPS Payment Express - XML interface.
  • Ingenico - Two-way and Nitro interfaces.
  • Wolfstrike - Two-way interface.
  • Integrated EFTPOS decreases cashier error rates and makes it easier to reconcile your POS to your EFTPOS transaction totals.
  • Ask us which EFTPOS option would best suit your circumstances.
  • All systems we support allow electronic offline vouchers should the connection be lost to the Paymark network.

EFTPOS options available

NZ EFTPOS/Verifone

NZ EFTPOS (PC EFTPOS) connects direct to Paymark and to ANZ.

PC EFTPOS is a fast, and stable, means of carrying out EFTPOS sales.

This means it is suitable for situations where you regularly have high demand. And impatient customers.

It requires that you have a lease with NZ EFTPOS (or one of their resellers) and that you are using one of the Verifone Vx810 or Vx820 terminals


Because all EFTPOS functions are carried out through the POS software if you lose your POS then you can no longer operate EFTPOS sales.

PC EFTPOS requires the use of the POS receipt printer. It doesn't have its own printer.

DPS Payment Express

DPS Payment Express connects directly to the Paymark network.

The Payment Express interface is slightly slower than the NZ EFTPOS one. But only marginally so.

Therefore it is also suitable for high demand areas.

You need to lease the terminal from DPS Payment Express or one of their resellers.

The terminals required are either the Ingenico IPP350 or IWL250.


As with PC EFTPOS, if the POS goes down you can no longer access the EFTPOS network

DPS Payment Express requires the use of the POS receipt printer in the same manner as PC EFTPOS.

Ingenico Two-way interface

The Ingenico Two-way interface is probably the most flexible in terms of terminal options.

The interface supports the Ingenico iCT220, iCT250 and iWL252.

The terminals can be leased or owned outright. However most people will need some assistance setting up the terminals to work with the POS.


These terminals can be operated independently of the POS should the system crash for any reason.

However they are significantly slower than those from NZ EFTPOS and DPS.

As a result it is not a good idea to use them in high demand situations unless you have multiple lanes.

The Ingenico terminals have their own printer to print the EFTPOS receipt.

EFTPOS options available

Ingenico Nitro client interface

Skyzer Nitro is the fast, high demand, interface for the Ingenico terminals.

The interface supports the Ingenico iCT220, iCT250 and iWL252 terminals.

The terminals can be leased or owned outright. However the Nitro client must be installed by someone who knows how to do it correctly.


These terminals can be operated independently of the POS should the system crash for any reason.

The Nitro interface operates as fast as NZ EFTPOS and DPS Payment Express.

The Nitro Installer can be downloaded from the Skyzer website.


The Wolfstrike V5S connects direct to the Paymark system.

The Wolfstrike is somewhat faster than the Ingenico two-way terminals. Although it doesn't run as fast as the DPS Payment Express, PC EFTPOS, or Nitro interfaced terminals.

The Wolfstrike terminal must have, at least, Version 2.3 software installed.

You need to check with your reseller or EFTPOS Warehouse to find out if you have that version.

The Wolfstrike needs to be leased/purchased from either EFTPOS Warehouse or a reseller.


Like the Ingenico terminals the Wolfstrike can continue to operate if the POS goes down.

The Wolfstrike has its own receipt printer for EFTPOS receipts.