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Setting up bar item buttons.

1. Create the stock lines to match the bar keypad buttons.

2. Enter all items for each of the relevant stock lines.

3. Link the items to the stock line by entering the relevant stock line code into the Stock line code field in the inventory maintenence form. This enables the items to be found when you select the stock line when setting up the buttons.

You may create new stock lines and inventory items from the bar buttons settings form.  If you create additional stock items for a line already set up you must disconnect that line and reconnect.  Or the new items will not be included.

Warning - you can use the same stock lines/menu definitions as for the main menu buttons. This may not be a good idea for bar sales that are not by the bottle.  For example you may have set up a "Bottled beer" menu button.  That same button can be used for sales of bottled beer from the bar.  But not beer by the glass. For beer by the glass use the bar menu form to set up the items. That allows you to define the size of each serving and allows you to keep a tighter control on inventory levels.

For drinks like cocktails you may wish to create them as packages. That means the quantity of the items that make up their ingredients are drawn down when the drink is sold. This helps with stock control. The drink itself can then have a serve unit of a Glass.  And Measure (in ml) remains as zero.  If the drink consists of only one ingredient (for example beer or wine - or a premixed drink) the stock level is decreased by the measure of serve size.  In that case enter a value for the measure.

Once you have entered the required stock items enter the stock line code in the fields at the top left.  The Connect button activates.  Click that button.  The Item buttons are labelled with the items you have entered for that stock line.  If you have missed any out click the Disconnect button and add them to the inventory before going any further.

Each bar keypad button can have up to 45 items.  Notice that there are multiple buttons that can be used to link to mixers (margaritas, martinis, cocktails, mixers, vodka mixers, other mixers). This is to enable you to include as many as you wish.  And to make it as easy as possible to find them.  So don't put all mixers into the mixers stock line because of the 45 items limit.

You don't need to use all the buttons. When carrying out bar sales, and you click a blank button by accident, nothing is added to the sale list.

If you wish you can provide a more detailed description of the drink in the Details field.  That description is used instead of the description of the item in the inventory.  The example below could have "Cocktail - 20th century" if there is more than one bar item with a similar description

To ensure there is an accurate drawdown of stock levels enter the amount of each item into the Measure (in ml): field.  You don't have to do this if the item is a package (for example a cocktail or other mixer). In that case the quantities of the items that make up the package are drawn down automatically.

The following example is for cocktails:

  • You can change the details description if it needs to be different from the stock item.
  • In the above example, because cocktails have been set up as packages, the measure is zero.
  • The service unit is glass.  That is what prints on the receipt.