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Setting up standard services

Standard services can be used to connect to party reservations for events (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, etc) or normal services (breakfast, morning and afternoon tea for example).  You can set up a kid's menu as a POS menu so you can select it from the main POS.  You can set up other kid's standard services that differ from that menu.

The standard services/menus can be identical to those set up for the menu buttons.  Or they can differ.  For example you can set up more than one type of birthday menu.  While the POS menu buttons may include ALL the items for all birthday menus

To create standard services select "Service settings" from the Systems settings form.  First create the service. To create a new service click the button to the right of the Service field.  Then click New Service at the bottom left of the pick list.

When entering a reservation select a standard service. If that service also has a menu it is assigned to the party and then to their docket. The docket items list is created when the party is assigned to the docket.  You need to specify how many of each item are ordered.  As a result the items list doesn't include any quantities when first created.  You need to change each item as the party completes its orders.

If any of the party requires special instructions for their order create an entry just for them - from the menu buttons.  Edit the description to describe what is required - eg medium rare, no salt. Or select the relevant options.  Then send the order through to the kitchen printer.

Items in set service menus can come from any stock line.  This means such items can also be provided individually.

Before setting up the menu make sure you have already set up the items you intend to include.  If you need to create a new item click New Item and then the search button to the right of the Item code field.  Then click the New button at the bottom left of the pick list.

The set services form in browse mode is as follows:

A set service can have multiple menu items. If a menu is attached to a service then "Service has a menu" shows on the services form.  None of the above have menus.

The form appears as follows when a menu has been linked to the service:

Linking menu items to a service

Select Set Menus from the System settings form.  You don't need to link menus to services.  Doing so is useful if you often handle reservations for events and you need to know what has been catered for. 

1. Select the service the menu is for:

You may change the description if you wish.

2. Add the items.

Enter the item code, or select it from the pick list.

If the item requires delivery from the kitchen check the "Send to kitchen printer" box.  This is still required even if the item can also be selected from the POS menu buttons.

Allocating a set menu service to a party's reservation doesn't prevent you from adding additional menu items on request.

When a full service has been defined the form should look something like the following:

When setting up standard menus make sure, if they are to be served at the same time as normal services, that the times they are for are at the same times as the normal service.  This enables the Maitre'd function to report on the total available tables at that time.  Other wise there is a chance that you may double-book tables.  You may need to set up more than one such service - for example an afternoon and evening 21st birthday service.  One coinciding with normal lunch service, the other with normal dinner service.