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Operating the suite

Almost all operations can be carried out from the Front Counter selection form.  To activate it click Hospitality POS on the main form.  The following form activates.

You can select one of three hospotality interfaces and as well as other operational facilities relating to customer bookings.  You can also run reports or carry out the end of day (cash up) process.

Concierge operations relate to dealing with your customers - in particular reservations and allocation of staff to reservations.  The concierge operation allows you to record the arrival, and seating of a party.  And then ,optionally, allocate wait staff to them.  If you do that both the table number and wait staff name are printed on the docket.

Maitre'd operations allow you to record reservations, set up staff rosters, and maintain tables and services.  If staff security is turned on you need administrator's rights to access maitre'd operations.

To open the Hospitality POS click the relevant button.