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To enter any reservations first create the required tables and services.  

Although you don't have to allocate reservations to a table when entering a reservation.  You can do so later when the party arrives and is assigned to a table.  Allocating tables at the time the reservation is made is useful if you think there is a chance of overbooking for any service. And to avoid double-booking tables.

The reservations form is as follows:

To view reservations on any date change the date of the For reservations on field. You can also view reservations for a selected service by entering the service into the List by service field.

To create a new reservation click New reservation.  The form then looks like the following. Note the date is the same as the For reservations on date.

Because the Hospitality Suite is designed for touchscreen operation the touchscreen keyboard is activated.

1. Enter the date.  This defaults to the same date as the For reservations on field.  You can change it.
2. Enter their estimated arrival time  This is important if you wish to make more than one reservation for a table during the same service.
3. Select a service the reservation is for.  You can select services from a picklist by clicking the magnifying glass to the right of the Service field.  The times the service is available for displays. Use this to confirm you have the right time for the reservation. If the reservation time is not within the times the service runs for you will be warned.
4. If the patron is a regular you may have them in the customer file.  In that case you can select them from a pick list of customers.  Their name is placed in the Party Name field.  If the party isn't a regular you can ignore this field and enter their name into the Party name field.
5. Enter, or modify, the contents of the Party name field.  You can use this to more fully describe the party.
6. Enter the party size. This is used to check that you have allocated sufficient table places.
7. Enter any notes.  For example if any member of the party is a vegetarian or is allergic to anything.  Or any other special issue - for example birthday boy/girl.  Or instructions to wait staff to rearrange tables, etc.
8. Click Save.  If the reservation for a day different from the current one the entry will "disappear".  You can get it back by changing the For reservations on date.

Note that there is a running total of tables currently reserved at the bottom right of the form.  This total is for services, on the day, for the time of those services. This means you can check for overbooking.  Of course, if you intend to book a table multiple times for any one service this total is indicative only. And may, in that case, be a negative (red).

9. Now select the tables the reservation is for.  A Table(s) for selected reservation group becomes visible when you click Save. Click Select table(s).  The following form is activated.

If the operator makes an error and selects a table with less settings than the size of a party you can change the setting. Click Delete table and reselect another, properly-sized, table.  If the party has been allocated to a table with more settings than their party size, and they advise the party is going to be larger you can change the settings allocated by clicking Change setting.  These changes enable you to specify how many settings to make available at any one time.

When selecting a table for the party you are warned if the table has less than the number in the party. Or if the table has already been booked.  You can also select the table from the tables list.  This list shows which tables have already been booked for the service.

To allocate the number of settings for a service select a service in the List by service field and click Print Reservations.  You can use the report to put out the required number of places per table.

If the service has a set menu the reservations form appears as follows.  Note the "Service has a set menu" to the right of the Service field description.

Standard menu items are immediately inserted into the docket as soon as the party is assigned to a docket.

You can print out a list of reservations for selected services.  The list includes the tables reserved and notes.  Because the list prints on A4 format you need to have an A4 printer connected.