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Handling reservations

This form allows you to seat a party and assign wait staff to them.

Access this from the Hospitality functions, or main form.  Click Seat parties.  This is especially useful if you have set up a dedicated Concierge/maitre'd workstation.  

The form always displays all reservations for the current day and selected service. To check future reservations change the Date field. To change services select the relevant service.

When a booked party arrives select the service they've booked for.  This is especially important if you have services that overlap other services in terms of timing. In that case, if the current service is dinner, but the party in front of you has booked for a set birthday service, you need to switch the service to birthday.  Leave the date as it is.

The form is as follows:

In the above example three parties are booked for the Dinner service.  With arrival times between 7 pm and 7 : 45pm.  The size of each party is shown.  The table(s) reserved for each selected party show above under Party's table(s).

To seat the party click Seated.  You can then allocate wait staff.

To allocate wait staff select the staff member from the picklist.

With two parties seated the form appears as follows:

You can now allocate wait staff should you wish to. It isn't compulsory.  If you don't, and wish to pay staff on the basis of turnover then they need to logon to the POS to enter transactions.  With cashier switching enabled in POS settings this is easy to do

To allocate wait staff enter the staff member's id.  The wait staff id is the same number as used by staff to logon to the POS.

The list includes the staff member's start and stop times if you have entered any details for the employee.  See setting up staff profiles.

When wait staff are allocated to a party their name appears on the Kitchen docket.  The form appears as follows with wait staff allocated to the two seated parties.

You may change the allocated staff member by reselecting another on the list and clicking "Allocate staff member" again.