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Processing reservations

You can assign reservations to an empty docket or one with items already on it. The party's name is included on the docket when it is printed.  If the service has a set menu the items in that service are added to the sales docket when the party is allocated to the active docket.  You can void any items that don't apply and can add others the party members order.

Once a docket has been assigned the name of the party it has been allocated to displays at the upper left of the POS.

To assign a reservation to a docket click Assign party.  The following form appears:

Warning. The party will be assigned to the docket that is currently active in the POS.  If that docket is already assigned to another party you will be warned.  You can still reassign it as it is possible it was incorrectly assigned in the first place.

To assign to the selected party click Assign party to docket.  The docket number shows on the caption bar at the top of the form and on the assign party button..

Once the docket has been assigned you may place it on hold and add items to it as they are ordered.

With a party assigned to a docket the POS shows the name of the party above the docket list.  As follows:

Once the party has been assigned add at least one item to the docket. Once you have done that the docket can be put on hold.  That is one of the reasons it's not a good idea to assign the party to a docket until you have some items in the docket.  It also makes it easier to identify the docket when releasing it from hold.  Although the party name shows on the Release docket form.

You can keep adding items to an assigned docket and place it on hold until the party is ready to pay.  To add items click Release.  There must be no active docket or you may not release the docket for additional items to be added.  Or quantities to be changed.  Therefore process any existing docket, or place it on hold.

You don't need to set up a party to process menu sales.  If you have a large number of tables it is still a good idea to, at least, create a party name  (click the Customer name button) for any walkins.  That means you can more easily identify the receipt as items are added.  You can also link the party to the table(s) they are seated at.  When you do their table number is included on the kitchen order docket.