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Setting up the Hospitality suite

Once you have set up the company record, at a minimum, set up stock so you can define menus, run the restaurant, bar and sell other things.

Professionals Hospitality comes with three front counter interfaces:

1. Hospitality - use this when dealing with restaurant service, bar and full service cafe sales.  To use this interface you need to do two things: set up your restaurant/cafe (tables, staff), and set up your menus and bar items.

2. Mobile waiter (tablet) - this enables wait staff to carry the POS with them when taking orders.  You need to set up a wireless network to operate this. Other than that it uses the same settings as the other POS screens.

3. Cafe POS - this enables you to set up menus designed for takeaways and cafe sales.  As well as bakery, barrista and the like.

All set up options can be accessed from the System settings form.  To access this form you must be logged on with full system administrator's rights.  If the password logon is not required (the default when first starting) then anyone can access the settings.  

The System settings form is as follows:

There are three parts that need to be set up correctly for sales processing to run smoothly and quickly.  

1. Company control - set up the company name, address and tax details.  These have to appear on receipts.

2. How the POS operates - settings such as whether cashiers are required to log on, who can open cash drawers and authorise discounts. Select POS settings.

3. The POS item selection buttons. First set up at least one menu - select Menu buttons

Before you start setting things up look at the form below. You need to define a stock line/button definition for each button.  Each button can have up to 35 items (individual or options) assigned from the inventory.  The stock line limit for the buttons is 14 buttons - that means each menu can have up to 14 stock line buttons on the left hand side of the POS.

You can set up stock lines/menu definitions to change the descriptions that print on the menu buttons

From "Entrees" all items can be printed to the kitchen printer.  If you have one.  The kitchen printer needs to be an 80 column, continuous roll, receipt printer.  To print to the kitchen printer make sure the docket list displays the correct items.  And allocate the docket to a table.  Then click the "Kitchen Printer" button.  You need to have defined which printer is the kitchen printer in POS settings.

If using the Cafe POS docket printing works slightly differently.  Each item can be set up to print to either a kitchen, or POS printer and in groups at the same time as the sale is completed. So, for example, all hot beverage sales can be printed together for the barrista to complete the order.  And food items that need to be prepared can be allocated to a kitchen printer so kitchen staff only see what they need.  In that case there is no need to click the "To kitchen printer" or "Print Order" buttons.  To activate this option go to Stock Management and then 'Sales settings" for each entry required.

To set up the restaurant and bar select System Settings from the main form.  The following form opens:

  • To set up cashier profiles select staff profiles and access.  You don't need to set up all staff profiles. However you do need to if you wish to track staff sales performance.  Or wish to allocate wait staff to dockets.
  • To set up the stock line (menu) buttons first create a menu identifier and then a stock line for each button you intend to use.  Then set up the  stock items and link them to the correct stock line.  Then select POS buttons from the set up form.  You can create additional stock lines and items from the menu set up form.
  • To set up bar items set up the required stock lines and items - as above.  When setting up bar sales items you need to define the unit of measure by volume (such as "glass" or "shot", or "bottle") rather than "Ea" or some such.