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Split dockets

Split dockets allows you to divide the docket for a party into multiple receipts.  To activate split docket click the Split docket button immediately before you click Other tender. Alternatively you can process the payment as a multi-tender payment.  If you do that you will need to calculate the initial division.  The split processing form does the calculations for you.  However it is somewhat more complex to use as a result.

If you click Split docket the following form activates instead of the standard tendering form.  This form allows you to allocate specific docket items to those who are paying for them.  As you do so the amount they need to pay is calculated. You can optionally print receipts for each set of items.

To complete each payment select the items from the list on the right.  To do so press the Select from list button.  If more than one item is to be paid for enter the quantity in the Quantity to select field prior to pressing that button.

When the item has been selected it lists in the Selected so far field. What is to appear on the receipt is listed at the bottom left of the form.

When all items to be paid for have been selected press the relevant payment type button.

When a partial tender has been completed the form appears as follows:

Note the "Value of selection" equals the "Balance due".  This means pressing a payments option will complete the tendering process.