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Happy hours settings

You can set up one happy hour for each day of the week.  You can allocate specific items as the specials for each happy hour.  Or you can set a percentage that applies to all items sold during happy hour.  Only if the percentage is zero can you apply happy hour prices to items.

To have happy hour on Friday you must set up happy hours for the preceding days. However you can leave those hours as inactive. The happy hour will only apply if it is activated.  It is possible to have more than one happy hour in a day.  But you need to change the happy hour start and stop times after the first happy hour has completed.

Happy hours, if active, operate between the times you set.  They start up as soon as the start time is reached.  And continue until stop time is reached.  While the happy hour is active the POS colour switches to yellow so it is easy to see that happy hour is active.

To set up happy hours select the System settings form -> Happy hours settings.

Once happy hours are set up, and activated, you must arrange the sales through the bar items buttons.  Those are the only items happy hour rates apply to.  That means, if customers are purchasing items from the restaurant menu (including items happy hour rates apply to), those rates will not be applied.  That allows you to keep restaurant pricing separate (during happy hours) from bar pricing.

Monday is defined as Day 1. Not Sunday.

For the happy hour settings to work correctly make sure your computer's clock is set to the right time.  If the computer is connected to the Internet the time should be set automatically.  Otherwise you may need to adjust it now and then.

The happy hours maintenance form is as follows:

The above example is for a happy hour that starts at 6.00pm on Wednesdays.  And stops at 8.00pm.  It has three beers with special prices.  It is currently not active. The Monday and Tuesday happy hours in the list at the bottom have a percent discount for all drinks.

Start and stop times must be entered as 24 hour clock times- eg 1200 is noon, 0800 is 8am, 1400 is 2pm.  Rather than am and pm.  As you can see the 24 hour clock times are displayed as am/pm.

Once you have set up the times, and have selected By item, the items section displays and you can add items.  If you have selected items, rather than percentage, you MUST include at least one item.  Calculate the happy hour price if you are arranging it to be a certain percentage (for that item alone).  You must enter the actual price after the discount has been taken off.  Not the percentage the price is being decreased by.

If you select Percentage all bar items sold during the happy hour are decreased by that percent.  No other discounts are applied.

When happy hour is on the POS looks like the following:

Notice that the button "Happy Hour" now displays "Happy hour on".  That automatically happens as soon as the time for the happy hour to activate is reached.  When you no longer want a happy hour to activate uncheck the box "Activate happy hour" on the happy hour maintenance form.  There is no need to remove the happy hour.