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Operations buttons

These buttons provide access to POS operations forms.
  • Bar - this provides access to the bar items selection buttons.  If they are set up.  Select the drink type, then the actual drink.
  • Tabs - manage customer tabs from these buttons.  Except for invoicing and reviewing - in that case select Tab lookup. To create a new tab click New tab.  To add to an existing tab - click Add to tab.  To close an existing tab select Close tab.  Tabs should be closed when the customer pays the tab.  You can generate a detailed items list of all purchases on the tab.
  • Servers - two buttons (Server on/Server off) allow you to specify whether a server is on duty or not.  If you are not running rosters then you can ignore these buttons.
  • Assign Party/close party - these buttons allow you to link a party (created in reservations) to an existing docket.  If you prefer to allocate tables to dockets, rather than parties, ignore these two buttons.  You can allocate BOTH tables and parties if you wish.  In that case it is best to allocate the docket to the table before the customer pays, and then switch to the party when payment is being made.  This enables you to report on what preferences regular customers have. See also Reg. customer below.
  • Split ticket.  If the docket is to be split between the members of a party click this immediately prior to clicking Process.  The split ticket form is then activated instead of the "normal" payments processing form.
  • Hold - place the displayed docket on hold.  Use hold if wait staff are adding items to the docket incrementally.  For example first drinks, then entrees, then mains, etc.  This allows you to release the docket to add items as required and to print orders on the kitchen printer in a timely manner.
  • Release - release an existing docket. And add items to it or process for payment.
  • Reg. customer - select a regular customer and link them to a docket.  IF you prefer to track dockets against tables while they're active, select the customer when they pay the docket.
  • Kitchen pr. - print items on the docket to the kitchen printer.  Only those items from the menu buttons below the first line can be printed to the kitchen printer.  Once an item has been printed it cannot be printed again.  So make sure the description is correct if you need to include specific instructions.
  • Happy hr off. - manually turn off  happy hour.  This allows you to disable happy hour if it is on.  If you disable it accidentely you need to shutdown Front Counter and restart to reactivate.