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Lookups, reservations and tabs

This group of buttons allows you to carry out a range of activities.  As well as selecting items and customers.
  • Stock lookup.  This displays all items in the stock list.  Including items not attached to buttons.  You can therefore select non-menu and non-bar items for sale. The stock list allows you to search for stock item by description, stock code or bar code.
  • Customer lookup.  This allows you to select regular customers to attach to dockets, tabs and invoices. When you select a customer their name appears at the top of the POS.  If managing orders it is not a good idea to attach the customer to a docket until they are ready to pay.  Attach a table instead as that is more help for wait staff.  When you assign the docket to a customer the customer replaces the table number.
  • Reservations.  This allows you to maintain customer bookings.
  • Tabs lookup.  This allows you to review existing tabs - whether closed or open.  You can also use the tabs lookup form to generate invoices.  To do so you must create a regular customer record.  You can do that from the form.