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Setting up the restaurant/cafe.

When setting up the restaurant consider the following:

1. Do  you intend to take reservations?  If yes you need to set up the tables.

2. Do you intend to have different menus, and bookings, for different services?  In that case set up Menus and Services.

3. Do you intend to pay staff by the value of their sales?  Or have some other type of performance criteria in place?  In that case set up each staff member.

The following form allows you to access all key POS settings:

The following describes setting up tables.

You can activate the table settings form from the System settings form, or from the Maitre'd operations form from Front Counter selection.

When setting up tables allocate the maximum number of settings to them.  This allows you to combine tables when parties overflow more than one table.  This allows you to keep a check on how many tables, and settings, you still have free when reservations are being entered.

  • Enter a unique identifier for each table.  The example above uses numbers.  You can then make cards with those identifiers on them and put them on the tables to assist servers and customers.
  • Enter a description. The example has a limited range of descriptions as a set range of sizes are used.
  • Enter the number of settings.  Make this the maximum number.  Even if one or two are lost if the table is combined with others.
  • Enter the location of the table.  This helps you identify it's position when regular customers wish to reserve a favourite table.  The example above has different rooms.  You can also identify the location within the restaurant if you only have one room.  For example "Beside front window".

    Once tables have been set up you can allocate them to dockets and open and close them from the POS.