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Tablet operation - mobile hospitality

Mobile Hospitality supports full customer service from a Windows tablet.  Once the button settings have been completed for Front Counter they're available to tablet operations.

Tablet operations require that you have a wireless network set up in the restaurant.  At present there are limited options for wireless EFTPOS terminals.  This means you may need to complete sales using the Front Counter.  However this is made easy by placing table orders on hold and by identifying the table they are for.  This means you can easily identify the required orders from Front Counter by clicking the Release button.

To activate Mobile Hospitality press the Mobile Hospitality button on the Front Counter selection form.  You are then prompted to logon.  Please note that no float is allocated to the Mobile Hospitality POS.  This means, to complete a sale where change is required, completion must occur at the Front Counter.

While carrying out operations using Mobile Hospitality a touch keyboard displays at times.  This enables you to enter additional details on the order description to identify special handling by kitchen staff.  At other times you need to press an Activate keyboard button.

To place the docket on hold, release it, print to the kitchen printer, manage tabs, etc, press the Operations button.  When you do the POS appears as follows.

If you decide not to carry out any operations press the Close operations button to shutdown the buttons.

To add items to the docket press the Add items to docket button.  The POS then appears as follows:

Pressing any of the buttons activates the stock line buttons that are identical to those of Front Counter POS interface.

To cancel selection press the Cancel selection button.  If you select an item to add to the docket the POS form appears as follows.

Note that the touch keyboard is visible.  This allows you to add details to the item's description to print on the kitchen printer.  Or to change the quantity.  Press Accept to add the item to the docket.