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Setting up staff

Setting up staff is a two-step process.  The software sets up a system administrator's profile when it first starts.  Don't remove, or modify, this profile.

1. Set up the staff member's access number, password and access level.

2. Set up additional staff details. This is optional.  If you employ wait staff and intend to set up rosters and allocate staff to parties in a restaurant then add the detail.

Setting up access:

  • To create a new staff profile click New staff. A new staff number/id is allocated.  The staff member needs to know this number.  As well as their password.  Alternatively, if you activate cashier switching then they need to enter a unique pin number when they first logon.
  • Enter their first and last names. Set their access level.  Most people will need level 3 - Cashier - Front Counter operations and reports. Click Save. People with either Level 1 or Level 2 access can authorise discounts and price changes.  Only people with Level 1 access can access this form.
  • To create a new password click Change.  Enter the new password, and repeat it.  Then click Confirm.  Even if you have turned password access off when starting up Front Counter the staff member still needs a password to use the POS because of limitations on who can authorise discounts and change prices.  This means those on Level 1 and 2 access need to know what their password is.
  • If set limits on discounts aren't to be applied then leave the Set discount limit as zero.  Even if you do allow discounts staff with Level 3 access will still need superviser authorisation to proceed.
  • Leave Active cashier checked.  If the staff member leaves (or if they're holiday staff) but could come back as some point, uncheck it.  That will remove them from the cashier switching form.  Checking it puts them back on.
  • If the staff member has to be allocated to parties and tables click Staff details. The following form activates.

    You can enter details for all staff here as you can use this information to check staff availability.  For example when staff call in sick and need to be replaced.
  • Position is compulsory.
  • Address and other contact details are optional.
  • Employment type, Hours of work and days on should be entered to make sure you have the staff available to operate the restaurant.  Of course, if your restaurant is very small, and you don't allocate staff to tables or parties then this information is not required.

    If you enter staff details, and use the Concierge function, it is possible to allocate servers to parties as you seat them.

    If cashier switching is active all cashiers are created with no pin number.  This needs to be entered when they first logon.  If they forget their pin number, or it needs to be changed, click the "Clear pin number" button.  This will force them to create a new one when they next logon.

    If a cashier has been deactivated their name doesn't appear on the cashier switching form.

    Staff names can be changed.  This means if someone leaves you can change the name and reuse their profile.