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Setting up menus

To connect menu items to the POS carry out the following sequence:

1.  Create the menu definitions.  These are the top-level options that display on the list when Change menu is clicked.

2. Create stock lines buttons with descriptions as you want them to show on the buttons.  Try and keep them to less than 20 characters if you can. 

3. Create the items and link each relevant item to the required stock line button.

4. Link all the items of the selected stock line/menu definition to the stock line selection buttons.

The following describes linking stock lines to the relevant POS menu button.

On the Systems Settings form select Menu buttons.  The following form activates:

Enter the menu definitions you wish to create.  Stock lines and their linked items can be applied to multiple menus.

Each menu can have a special discount applied to it.  To edit or add click the relevant button.  The form then appears as follows:

You can create the menu as inactive and then activate it when ready.  If you apply a discount/special it is applied until you remove it.

From Menu definitions click Menu buttons.  The following form activates:

Note that the Wine button is highlighted.  As is the Wine - bottles line in the Linked lines and buttons list. If a button is linked to a stock line you may remove the link.  You cannot create a new link unless the button highlighted has no stock line connected already linked to it.  That is - it displays "Not assigned to a stock line".

The stock line descriptions are those you enter when setting up the stock lines. Don't exceed more than about 30 characters in each stock line description.  The briefer it is the easier it is to read.

If the button has "Not assigned to a stock line" on it it will not be displayed on the POS form.  It is a good idea to place the most used lines in the upper half of the rows.

From this form you can create new stock lines and link stock items to selection buttons.  It is these buttons that are activated when you press the relevant button on the POS.  To link stock items to POS buttons click Line buttons. 

Note - you can set up breakfast, lunch and kid's menus. 

If you have set up more than one menu the button Change menu becomes visible on the POS forms.