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Setting up bar items

Bar settings are different from selecting drinks from the main menu keypad.  The main menu keypad allows you to select drinks items such as bottles of wine and beer.  That is, in selecting items using that keypad stock levels are decreased by a specific unit (namely a bottle).  Bar items can be drawn down as single units (bottles) or as quantities (millilitres/litres).

In the case of quantities that means the stock level is drawn down by the number of units in a measure (eg 25ml per shot) and not by the delivery unit - glass or shot.  The receipt will show something like "2 shots of whiskey".  If a shot is 25ml the stock level will be drawn down by 50ml.

This means you need to set up some bar items in the inventory based on their total levels in litres or millilitres.  The easiest is in millilitres. Because you can then set up the bar settings in rounded units per serve. If you use litres you need to enter the decimal fractions of each unit in a serving.

To set up the bar settings, therefore, you need to know the size of each serving - glass (whether beer, wine, whisky, shot, stein, martini, etc).  This allows an accurate drawdown of stock levels and timely reordering if you set up auto replenishment.

Entering bar items into the inventory:

When you enter bar items into the inventory enter the volume.  For example enter bottles of whiskey, wine, etc as the volume of each bottle- eg 750ml, or .75litre times the number of bottles.  Kegs as the volume of each keg - eg 50 litres, or 5,000 millilitres - times the number of kegs.  Doing so ensures the stock control system can keep track of both the number of bottles and the contents of those bottles.  So, for example, if you have 10 kegs of beer enter the stock level as 500 litres or 50,000 millilitres. Not 10.  If you have 20 bottles of a wine enter the stock level as 15 (litres), or 15,000 millilitres, not 20.  If those bottles are to be served in glasses.  If not enter the number of bottles.

It is a good idea to have two entries for most alcohol - one for sales by the bottle (use the barcode), and the other for sales by the glass.

If the item is a cocktail, or other mixer, you can create it as a package.  First make sure you have entered the ingredients as separate items so they can be added to the package.  The package itself can have a stock level of 0, or minus.  It is the stock level of the ingredients that count.

You also need to create stock lines that match the labels on the Bar selection keypad. As shown below:

In other words, before entering the individual items into the inventory create 18 stock lines with the same descriptions as these buttons.

When you create stock items you can have up to 45 selections for each line.  That means you can create up to 45 items for each bar stock line.

To set allocate the relevant stock items to the stock line button select the stock line in the field at the top left.  If no items have been allocated for that stock line the form appears as follows:

Make sure the correct button is highlighted - as above.

Then click the "Connect" button.  Providing there are stock items for the selected stock line the item buttons will have captions provided for all the (up to 45) buttons that can be linked.

If you need to add more items first click the "Disconnect" button.  Make sure the item buttons are all clear.  Reselect the relevant stock line and click "Connect".  Any additional stock item's descriptions are added to the item buttons.

Once the items have been attached to the buttons you can add descriptive details in the details at the top.  These details are not required. If they are entered they are used to describe the item on the docket.  If they are not the docket description is the same as the inventory details.