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In System Settings select Service times.  The following form displays:

Services are intended to enable easy identification of the reasons for, and times of, bookings.  These are not necessarily the same as the menus defined for the menu buttons on the POS.  Although they can be.  Services allow you to allocate a set menu to a booking - for example if you have a set menu for 21st birthdays, etc.  You can, in addition link a pre-defined service to a set of menu items.  Linking such services to a reservation means, when the reservation is assigned to a docket, the docket has all the items included on that service.  You then go through and apply the number of items.  Until you do so the docket will have a zero transaction value.  Additional items can be added as well and you can remove items not required.

You can set up services for all menus you use.  Services must be linked to each reservation.  That is, when making a reservation, select the service the reservation is for. The times of the service enables you to check that staff are available for those times and that the reservation times also match the time of the service.  Services do not need to have menus attached.  But all reservations must be for a service.

Setting up reservations with serices allows staff to identify the reason for the booking. They can then provide a more rapid, and friendlier, service.

To add a service:
  • Click Add.
  • Enter a unique code for the service.
  • Enter a description for the service.
  • Enter a start time. Use the 24 hour clock.
  • Enter a stop time for the service.
  • If the service has a set menu the phrase "This service has a set menu" displays. The set menu can still be ignored if the customer wants to select specific items that are not on the menu. If there is a set menu service allocated the items on that menu are applied to the reservation when the booking is entered.  Items on that service (if there are any) are applied to the existing docket when the reservation is assigned to it.