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Setting up POS buttons

1. Set up the the necessary Menu description - System settings - Menus.
2. Set up the necessary stock line buttons settings - Stock Management - Stock line buttons.
3. Set up the required stock items and link each one to its relevant stock line button - Stock Management
4. Set up any options for relevant items - Stock management - Options settings.
5. Link the stock line settings to the relevant menu - System Settings  - Menus - Menu buttons
6. Link the items to the relevant item buttons by stock line - System settings - Menus - Menu buttons - Item buttons..

To link stock items to the POS buttons first create the item and link it to the relevant stock line button.  In the example below the menu is Bottled beer.  All stock items linked to the selected stock line show in the list to the right.  

You can create up to 35 buttons for each stock line.  As a result you can have more items for a line than the number of buttons available to link them to.  This allows you to add new items without them being attached to a button and replace discontinued items when ready to do so.  Each item can also have a set of options.  When options are set selecting the item triggers the options buttons. See menu options

If you think you need to have all items attached to buttons, and the total exceeds 35, it may be a good idea to further divide the line.  For example colds drinks may be able to be divided into "Cold drinks in bottle" and "Cold drinks in can".

When linking the menu items you must select them individually.  Each link enables a simple click of the relevant button to bring over the item price and add the item to the docket.

In the example above stock items for cocktails have been linked to the POS button.  Additional items can be created for the stock line, and linked when ready.  As below when Daiquiri is added to an empty button.  Once the description displays on the button click the Accept button.

To replace an existing item, select the item, click the Clear button, select the replacement item, and click Accept.  Make sure the correct button is highlighted.  You can also move items around this way.  For example it is a good idea to have the most popular items on the first rows.

Adding items to the buttons:

1. Select a blank button.  
2. Select an unallocated item from the list. The Accept button remains disabled until an unused item is selected.  
3. Click Accept.
4. If populating the buttons for the first time proceed down the list rather than jumping around.  However, if you do want to group items together it may be a good idea to group them by line - if there are multiples of 6.  Each line has its own colour.

Once you have finished exit or click the Refresh button.  Then return to this form to check that you clicked Accept for each button.  If any buttons are blank reselect the button then the correct item from the list and click Accept.

When changing the buttons the form appears as follows:

To redraw the buttons so they look like they will on the POS click the Refresh button.