Professionals Hospitality Suite

The complete suite for the hospitality industry
  • The Hospitality Suite is the result of extensive cooperation with customers in the industry.
  • It has been designed to minimise training because of its intuitive interface and ease of installation.
  • Specialised interfaces for Cafe and full service restaurant. Plus tablet to increase responsiveness to customers.
  • A minimal system can be set up quickly so that your staff can start using it quickly.
  • We will install the menus on request. Just provide your menu details - photos or Excel files will be fine.
  • If you live in the Whangarei District between Hikurangi and Kaiwaka, and buy the Hospitality Suite we will come to your place and install. No extra charge.
  • With integrated EFTPOS - certified for DPS Payment Express and EFTPOS NZ (EFI - interface), Ingenico two-way (i5100, icT220, icT250, iWL252). More to come in the near future.
  • Using integrated EFTPOS helps to decrease errors when completing payments.
  • Comprehensive stock management. Items can be set up to track inventory levels and prevent pilfering.
  • Set up multiple menus as well as menus with set selections. These are added to the docket when the reservation is attached.
  • Menu buttons can be defined quickly and used to speed up cashier responses.
  • Back office, customer management fully integrated with your front office.
  • Customer management and contacts. Regular customers can be set up and invoiced from the POS. Including regular customer discounts.
  • Staff sales can be reported on. So you can run an incentive scheme if you wish.
  • Generate kitchen orders from the POS. Includes the option to enable large font display orders. No more wondering what someone's handwriting is telling you.

Complete customer service.

  • From booking to specials.
  • By setting up regular customers you can provide loyalty cards and specials.
  • Regular customers may be invoiced or provided with specific discounts.
  • The Professionals " Action Centre " allows you to advise customers of specials by email.
  • Regular customer tabs can be converted in invoices.
  • Invoiced debt can be tracked easily so you know who needs a hurry up.
  • Bookings can be quickly attached to regular customers and you can track previous transctions.
  • Tables can be reserved, shown as occupied and attached to the POS docket. Their status can also be tracked.

In License management select Hospitality.