Professionals My Cafe

Designed for cafes and coffee houses by cafe owners

Ease of use

  • My Cafe has been designed with the cooperation of customers in the industry.
  • Save on training and set up because of the intuitive interface and ease of installation.
  • The point of sale interface has been designed especially for cafe, coffe house and takeaway operations.
  • Tablet option available for customer table service.
  • Second screen, or pole display as customer displays.
  • The software can be set up quickly so that your staff can start using it straight away.
  • We will install your menus on request. Provide your menu details - photos or Excel files will be fine.
  • If you live in the Whangarei District between Hikurangi and Kaiwaka, and buy the Hospitality Suite we will come to your place and install. No extra charge.

Full support

  • With integrated EFTPOS - certified for DPS Payment Express and EFTPOS NZ (EFI - interface), Ingenico two-way (i5100, icT220, icT250, iWL252).
  • Using integrated EFTPOS helps to decrease errors when completing payments.
  • Comprehensive stock management. Items can be set up to track inventory levels and prevent pilfering.
  • Full order details - including options - can be included on the docket.
  • Multiple printers supported - receipt, barrista orders and kitchen.
  • Back office, stock control and customer management fully integrated with your front office.
  • Customer management and contacts. Regular customers can be set up and orders generated from the POS. You can include regular customer discounts.
  • Staff sales can be reported on. So you can run an incentive scheme if you wish.
  • Automatically generate barrista and kitchen orders from the POS. No more wondering what someone's handwriting is telling you.
  • Simple end of day/shift cash up.
  • Handles special orders and miscellaneous items - add your own description if required.

Purchase My Cafe - includes integrated EFTPOS option

Professionals My Cafe