Who we are

Professional Systems specialises in point of sale software
  • Professional Systems knows the needs of businesses.
  • We have been providing software to businesses in New Zealand since 1986 and retail POS software since 1998.
  • We work closely with our customers to make sure the software does what they want. In a manner that is easy to use.
  • Save money. No additional modules to be fully operational.
  • The software is easy to use and can be set up quickly.
  • Have satisfied customers. A responsive point of sale
  • Know what's selling well. And who your productive cashiers are.
  • If you live in the Whangarei District between Hikurangi and Kaiwaka, and buy any of the Retail/POS software systems we will come to your place and install. No extra charge.
  • With integrated EFTPOS - certified for DPS Payment Express and EFTPOS NZ (EFI - interface), Ingenico two-way (i5100, icT220, icT250, iWL252). More to come in the near future.
  • Decrease errors by using integrated EFTPOS.
  • All systems include the following.
  • Save - all the required modules are already there - nothing more to buy.
  • Back office, stock, customer management fully integrated with your front office.
  • Comprehensive stock management. Items can be set up to track inventory levels and prevent pilfering.
  • Customer management and contacts. Regular customers can be set up and invoiced from the POS. Including regular customer discounts. Requires the activation of Regular Customers.
  • Staff sales can be reported on. So you can run an incentive scheme if you wish.
  • Generate orders from the POS. No more wondering what someone's handwriting is telling you.

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