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Client Quotes/Estimates

The job card quote function differs from the Quick Quote that can be accessed from the Customer operations form.  The quick quote is for a client and builds a document that can be turned into an invoice if the quote is accepted.  Quotes created using this option require the existance of a job card.

Quotes created here can be billed.  But you need to post their details to the ledgers first.

You can create a "library" of standard quotes.  To do so create a dummy client and as many dummy jobs as you need.  One use of such standard quotes is if you set up stock items for the completed product. You can use the standard quote to ensure the costs of producing the item are adequately covered in the price you charge.  

To invoice a standard quote copy it to the required customer's job first.  Then post to ledgers.  Additional ledger entries can be created if required. Invoices can then be created using the normal billing process.

To create a quote the client must exist and have at least one job set up. 

Use the Summary tab to create the quote and edit the description.  Click New.

The description of the quote is the same as the description of the job card it is for.  You can change it.

If a quote has just been created the summary tab appears as follows.

The quote code is created automatically and cannot be changed. This is to make sure that all quote codes are unique.

The description of the quote is the same as the job card's description.

To create a new quote click New on the Summary tab.  The following form activates:

A job can have multiple quotes.  The last number in the quote code increments by one as you add quotes.  This enables you to build quotes until you get the one you consider most likely to be successful.

To change the quote description click the "Edit" button.  The following form activates:

Completing a job quote consists of three sections:

1. Timesheet

2. Materials

3. Plant items

4.  Printed form.

Once the quote has timesheet, plant and materials entries the summary tab appears as follows:

You may update the timesheet, plant, materials ledgers and job's estimate (the total value of the quote) from this form.  Click Update Estimate.

If you have created a library of standard quotes (using a dummy client and jobs) you may update existing client's jobs with any one of those quotes. Click the "Copy to Client" button.  

The Post to Ledgers button posts all timesheet, plant and materials entries to the relevant ledgers with a status of not billed.  If you are using Workshop Management to help calculate your payroll this may not be a good idea as it sends across only one entry for each employee.  The entry will probably not be for the date they actually carried out the work. 

Warning - If the job already has ledger entries you cannot carry out this process as the quote is, effectively, meaningless.

To print a quote click the Print button.  A quote can be reviewed before being printed and can be printed as a quote or estimate.