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Job settings.     

This form may be activated by clicking the job settings button on the workshop operations form or from the System settings form activated from the company operations form.

Use this form to maintain company Staff rates, Plant items, job codes, work type codes.

Note - you do not need to enter any stock items when initially setting up Workshop Management if you intend to import them from a suppliers price list.  You can run the import process from the stock menu form. Make sure the required suppliers are set up in Supplier's Maintenance.

These codes form part of the Timesheet, Plant and Materials ledgers.  For example Timesheet entry requires that valid employee, and activity codes are entered.  Employee, plant items and materials can used when setting up quote/estimates.  

For costing to be calculated employees, stock and plant require cost rates.  In the case of stock the cost rate is the buy price (to you).  In the case of employees the cost rate is the employee's pay rate. For plant it is the rental, or lease, price of the plant item (when relevant) or its actual cost by the charge unit.

Job type codes are optional when setting up jobs. If you do not create any, or place any in the jobs records, you cannot run the Job Types reports.  Job types allow you to report on the type (category) of work you carry out.  They are distinct from activities as those help to categorise what employees do, and plant is used for, on jobs.

Codes are linked to the currently active company.  If you wish to change company codes go to the Company control form and change company there.