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"Record is locked by another user."   Someone has used the Windows shutdown program to exit from the software while they were editing, or adding, a record. This results in the record staying open and the database "thinks" the user is still editing it.   You need to either find out who the user is and get them to log off the network completely (this will close all their network connections) or, if you cannot find the user, get everyone to log off.  While the record is locked it is possible a backup of the database will fail.  The longer the record is locked the greater the chance of the database becoming corrupted.

I cannot get the reports to include entries between dates.  All reports use a date range that includes the date(s) selected.  So, if you want to exclude a date you must enter a date either immediately before, or after, that date.  If you want a report based on one day's entries then you must use that date as both the "From" and "To" dates.

The incorrect details are showing in the employee timesheet or the client display is out of synch.  It is possible that the client deletion process was run while other users were on the system.  It will not have succeeded in completing the clean up.  Create a "dummy client" and run it again.  This time make sure everyone is off the network.  Doing this will up date the index tables because it clears out all records that have been marked for deletion, not just the client being deleted. Updating the index tables will bring everything back into order and link the client records together properly. 

Reports are in wrong, or no, order and data is not printing out.  It is possible that the index files have become corrupted.  Run the database optimising process in the Tools Menu.  Make sure no one is on the system when you do this.  If this fails there is something else wrong.  It is a good idea to restore a backup from the most recent day before the problem was recognised.

Cannot print anything.  Make sure there is a printer connected to your PC, or a printer on the network,  and that it is turned on.  Also make sure the correct drivers are installed and that the printer is set up as your default printer.  If you are using a shared printer make sure the PC it is connected to is turned on, is logged on and is your default printer (check Settings | Control Panel | Printers | Properties).

User's PC keeps locking up and then we have to reset it, and the main server, to allow people to use Workshop Management.  

Several people have attempted to log on at the same time.  A single user, when first starting up Workshop Management, will take up 50 percent of the capacity of a 10 megabit hub.  So two people, attempting to log on at the same time, will take up its entire capacity.  Leave the programme to load.  Do not shutdown the programme by using Task Manager or <Ctrl><Alt><Del>.  This will result in locked records and other people will have trouble.  If this happens you need to log off the network entirely, and turn your PC off.  If this doesn't fix the problem the server may need to be shutdown to release the locks on the database.