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Staff Maintenance.   Contents

Use this page to maintain staff records and to change or add charge and cost rates. Deletion of rates is not allowed as client jobs can span changes of rates.  An employee code can be deleted if the employee is not in use in any ledger or quote.  

To prevent entry of an employee in the timesheet un-check the "Active" box. New Employees can be set up, with an inactive status, prior to starting work.  This allows the creation of quotes/estimates that include work to be done by those employees. 

Reports include any existing inactivated employee entries.

  • Staff Code:  Compulsory and unique.  Forced to upper case.

  • First Name and Initials: Not compulsory.
  • Last name: Compulsory.  This is the minimum for a description of the employee.  Using the last name alone makes sense if the "employee" is a consultant/company.
  • Active : Defaults to checked. 

    Once you have created the new employee the new rates form activates automatically.

    Changing and creating new rates.