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Setting up Professionals Workshop Management

Workshop Management has to be set up in a particular order.  The set up order is as follows:
  • When you start Workshop Management for the first time you will be guided through the set up sequence by the set up wizard.  If you didn't complete the set up follow the steps set out below.

    1. Modify the company displayed when the start up wizard runs.

    2.  Setting up departments is optional  If you wish to set up any departments, complete them all If you want to report on seperate job groups (eg, Floor sanding, painting, house valet) and do not share costs and income between them, then set up a department for each.  

    3.  Create the system settings .  

    4. If you want to activate bookings you need to, at the minimum, set up the reasons for bookings.  If you want to invoice based on standard services you also need to set up standard services.

    Invoices can be summarised into three groups (Employees - labour, Plant, and materials).  This is to help make the invoices readable because other wise the invoice could have a large number of lines.  You can include details by checking the Include details on Invoice box on the billing process form or print a schedule prior to running the billing process.  Include the schedule with the invoice.

    You can change the line descriptions to more correctly match what you want to print.  Do not delete any of the lines.