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Invoice/Statements settings

This form is opened from the System settings menu.

You may change the position, size and style of the Company name and description.  The position and style of the address. And include a logo on the forms.

Be aware, what you see here may not match exactly what you get on the invoice.  This is because there are differences between print font and screen font sizes.  When it looks like you have things the way you want them, preview an invoice, or statement. You may need to fine tune things to make sure the printed invoice is what you want.

1. Company name - size, position and style.
2. Logo - position.  You may need to experiment with the size, and position, of the description and logo to make sure both print properly.
3. Description - size, position and style.  It is a good idea to keep this smaller than the company name.  On statements description is replaced by "Client statement" but in the same position and style as defined here.
4. Address - position and style.

If you have linked a logo to your company control record it displays by default.  If you don't want it to print on invoices, statements, etc, remove the file "logo.bmp" from the folder C:\PSL\Database\images.

The best idea is to make the company name larger than the description.  The higher the number in the Size field, the larger the name is printed.

Position is based on the field's position in relation to the entire width of the page.

Style can be a combination of bold, italics and underline.  Or any one of them.

You can position, and format, the company name and description separately.  Although they generally look better if together.

All address fields are grouped together.  If the company name, and description are very large, and the address fields are immediatley below them, at least the first line of the address will be partially obscured.  The amount of space allocated to the header is limited by the need to position the customer address to line up with the windows in envelopes.

Statements do not include the company description.  Instead "Account statement" prints immedately under the company name.  Wherever the company name is printed.