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Stock packages

Stock packages are stock items that are made up of other stock items. 

For example, if you sell a set of gear that is always bundled.  Or assemble an item from other stock items.

In that case you will want the stock level of both the stock package, and the items that make it up, to be drawn down on sale.  This is what a stock package allows you to do.

Setting up stock packages: 

Set up packages in Stock Management.  Before you start make sure all the items that are to make up the package are already set up.  It is a good idea to create the package item (the one all the other items belong to) last.

If an item is to be a package enter the stock code, and description.  There is no need to enter buy, trade or retail price.  These are updated as items are added to or removed from the package.

Check the Is a package box.

With the edit fields visible the form should look something like the following:

Click Save when satisfied.  Then click the Package items button.

Add as many components as required.  You can include more than one unit of any component. You may not include the package itself as a component.

When a package is on sale, or is a special, the same rules apply to it as apply to normal stock items.

To help find existing packages so you can change their components when required click the Packages button in the Lists group. If the price of components change you need to delete the component from the relevant packages and add it again.

Selling Stock Packages through Front Counter

When selling the package through Front Counter select the package only.  When you do so the following form activates.  

You may print the component list to ensure the customer knows exactly what they are getting.  Only the package description, and price, appear on the receipt.  If the components are correct click Confirm.  If you click Cancel the sale is not completed.

Items that are part of packages can be sold separately.

Stock Packages and Invoices

Stock packages can be included on invoices as usual.  If you wish to provide details of the components print the delivery docket.  That includes the components under the package's description.

Stock packages and quotes

Packages may be included in quotes.  If you clone the quote to an invoice the inventory is drawn down for the package's components