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Bookings reasons

Booking reasons helps you to identify why people have made bookings.  These are required when entering a booking.  If the reason descriptions are clear enough that may be all you need to identify what the customer wants done.

There are two types of booking reasons if you are using the Hospitality suite.  General purpose and hospitality. The hospitality reasons must relate to table bookings.  Services are connected to those two types.  That means a service created from the POS bookings form cannot be applied to a reason used in the Hospitality suite. And vice versa.  Bookings created in Hospitality cannot be seen in the POS bookings form.

To maintain booking reasons click the Reasons button on the Bookings maintenance form.

The following form activates:

The example above is for a hair salon.  You can create any reasons that match your business.
  • To create a new reason click New Reason.  The fields are cleared.

  • Enter a unique reason code.  If the code isn't unique you may not save the reason.
  • Enter a description of the reason.  Save
  • Reasons cannot be deleted if they are linked to standard services.  In that case you must delete the standard service first.  If there is a linked service the reason cannot be deleted .

    Reasons can be used on their own to help identify bookings. You can create standard services if you want to speed up the creation of sales dockets and invoices from bookings.