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Standard services

Create services if you intend to create a set of standard items that bookings are charged for.  For example a shampoo and set, maintenance booking, etc. This enables you to decrease the chances of getting things wrong as the service items are added to the sales docket as soon as you allocate the booking to it. You then only have to enter the number of items.  Which, most of the time, will be one.

To create standard services first create the required booking reason.  Each service must link to an existing reason.

To maintain services click Services on the Bookings Maintenance form.  The followng form activates:

The above example has multiple items "Engine reconditioning....". This means that the item details of the reason will be placed onto the sales docket as soon as you assign the docket to any booking for a Holden engine recondition.  This will result in five items appearing on the sales docket or invoice.
  • To create a service click New service

  • Select/enter an existing reason code.
  • The description of that code is placed in the Description field.  You can change it if you wish.
  • Click Save. If editing a service you can only change the description.

    Now allocate the required stock items to the service.

  • Now click New item and enter/select an item from the inventory in Item code.
  • The description from the inventory entry is placed in the Description field. If you wish to have something else appear on the sales docket or invoice change the description.  Whatever the description is here is what is used on the sales docket.
  • The No. of items defaults to 1.  If you use standard services to generate invoices, or add them to sales dockets, make sure the actual number of items is correct at that time.
  • Click Save.
  • You can add multiple items to the service list.  Each item will be included on the sales docket if you assign a booking to a docket.  You can remove any items after they've been added.  Or add further ones.
  • When finished click Save.