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Customer bookings

Customer bookings allow you to book customers in for certain things - hair cuts, service maintenance, deliveries, etc.

To use bookings you need to set up the Reasons for any bookings.  These can be set up from the bookings maintenance form which can be accessed from the Company Operations form.  

It is possible to attach standard services to reasons. If you do that they can be used to generate a detailed invoice when the booking is complete.  Or you can create the invoice as soon as the customer arrives and then complete that invoice to match what was actually done.  You can still add more items. Or remove ones that don't apply.  Doing this helps increase accuracy, and speed, if a booking is for a reason that involves multiple (standard) items on the bill.

To set up complete bookings:

1. Set up booking reasons.
2. Make sure you have entered all required items for any standard services into the inventory.
3. Create the required standard service - using the existing reasons.
4. Link the relevant inventory items to the reason in the standard services form.

All booking-related actions can be carried out from the bookings maintenance form.  To create new booking reasons click the Reasons button.  Click the Standard services button to maintain settings for any reason.

The form displays bookings for dates between the two dates shown.  These always default to the current day and 7 days into the future.  The display is in date and appointment time order. To view only those bookings for a selected reason enter the reason code into the List for reason field and click Go.

  • To create a new booking click New booking. The edit fields are cleared and displayed:

  • Select/enter a reason code.
  • The Date defaults to the current date. Or the date in the Bookings from field if you have changed it.  If you change it the entry will "disappear" when you save it. As only the bookings for the dates shown display. To make it appear you have to switch the Bookings from and to: date to the correct dates.
  • Enter the arrival time in the 24 hour clock format.  That is, for example, 0830 for 8:30 am, 1300 for 1:00 pm.  The am/pm time is displayed under that field once you have saved the entry.
  • If the customer is a regular customer enter/select their code into the Reg. customer field.  This isn't compulsory.  If you do so the full name of the customer displays in the Name field.  Only regular customers can have invoices created using standard services as well as job cards.  If you want to you can set up a cash customer record for all other customers. This allows you to create invoices from standard services.  To help identify the invoice make sure the customer's name is in the Notes field.  This field is used as the invoice description if the customer isn't regular.  If they are the reason description is used.
  • If the customer isn't a regular customer enter their name into the Name field.
  • If there are any special notes about the booking enter them into the Notes field.

    If the customer is a regular, and you have entered their email address into their customer record, you can send them a reminder email of the booking.  Click the Send reminder button.  The first time you do this the message field is clear. After that, if you check the Retain message box the last message is retained and displayed next time you open the email form.

    You can print out, or review, bookings for any day.  To do so make sure the date you want to look at is the date in the For bookings on field.  If you want to look at bookings by reason make sure the reason is displayed in the List by reason field. 

    Once you have the correct code(s) displayed click the relevant reports button.

    If there is any need to you can create a customer job card.  This allows you to link any invoices to that job.  Only regular customers can have job cards created for them.