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Operations forms 

There are two, main, operations forms.  The one that opens when Workshop Management starts is the company operations form.  It provides access to both job card and non-job card functions.  You can use this form to carry out non-ledger operations. If you need to use the job ledgers you need to go to the Workshop Operations form.  Unless you you intend to enter job-related entries into the Quick Entry form.

If you select Workshop Management the workshop operations form activates.

You can use this form to carry out all workshop operations and obtain an overview of the active company's situation as it relates to job cards and job card ledger entries.  If you don't use the ledgers this form will have, mostly, zeroes on it.  Access it by clicking Workshop Management on the Company Operations form.

This form is the job-related equivalent of the Company operations form.
  • All clients, and their associated jobs, are listed.
  • A panel displays an up-to-date summary of the financial situation.  You can change the beginning and end period dates for the summary.
  • You can activate operations using the buttons at the left of the form.

  • You can print job labels and job sheets from the form.  Clicking the relevant button will create the label or job sheet for the highlighted job.  If there is no jobyou can still create a blank job sheet to be filled in with the client's details.