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Plant items

Plant items are optional.  However, if you intend to include plant charges on invoices (whether through the ledgers or directly into invoices), it is a good idea to create plant items.  

Plant items can be charged in much the same manner as labour.  The cost and charge rate must not include GST. Plant items can be ones you own, rent or lease and need to recover the cost of operation on jobs.  They can include employee vehicles rented for business purposes, other rental and leased plant, and items you own.

  • Code is compulsory and is changed to upper case.
  • Enter a description.  This helps to identify the plant item on selection lists and reports.
  • Enter both the cost and Charge rates - exclusive of GST.
  • Enter the charge unit. As hours or kilometres, or whatever you want to display on the invoice as the unit of measure.

    You can include all vehicles used on jobs as well as any, separately charged, items you rent, lease, or own.

    Plant items can also be included as part of client quotes/estimates.  But not quick quotes.