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Stock loading

To maintain a full inventory use the Stock Management form to carry out all of the inventory-related operations.

Because an inventory can become very large it is a good idea to divide it into different lines and each line into different groups.  This makes it easier to find things and manage them.  It is especially important if you are operating a retail business and wish to apply different prices to various groups of items when running a sale.  Or if you are selling non-bar coded stock and need to include them on the stock line buttons.

For details about using lines and groups go to Stock Lines and Groups.

It may be possible to load the inventory table from your supplier's price list.

Currently the inventory can be loaded from the following file formats:

1. Placemakers.
2. Carters
3. MasterTrade (also Corys and EquipSafety) - select comma separated.
4. Mico - select extended comma separated.
5. J.A. Russell.
6. Ideal Electrical - select NZA Gold
7. Telfers (Redpath, Radcliffs)
8. Electus/Jaycars
9. MYOB Retail Basics
10. Cashbook Complete stock file
11. Professionals inventory
12. QuickBooks IIF to CSV

The above price lists can be updated from the relevant web site or downloaded by e-mail.

Other price lists will be added when the suppliers provide details and there is sufficient demand from Professional's users.  You can add material items while entering invoice details and stock orders if an item's code is not found.