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Stock Configuration 

Use this form to configure the stock sub-system.
  • The unique code is required.
  • Description is optional - put something in there if you are running more than one company.
  • Last bar code, last stock order and last sales slip fields are optional. Once you have entered numbers here only change them if you are sure the new numbers will not duplicate any existing ones. 
  • "Use book labels" leave this box unchecked. Suppliers are assumed to be trade.

  • Customer numbers are required if you intend to use the stock order facility.  In that case selecting the relevant supplier automatically retrieves the correct customer number and places it on the stock order.  To complete these fields create the suppliers.

    Enter a code number in the last bar code field if you intend to generate barcodes. When creating bar codes there is a chance your own codes will conflict with those from suppliers. All things considered it is probably best to ignore this and use the bar codes provided with the stock items.

    Last stock order is used when a new stock order is created.  To identify orders by year create an order number that looks something like the following - 200700000.  The same applies to the sales slip number.

    Sales slip number is required if Retail Business is installed.  You can leave it at 0.  The software increments it automatically.