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Creating Supplier Invoices

To create an invoice from an order click Invoice.

The following form activates:

Enter the supplier's invoice number. It must be unique.  The date received defaults to the current day.  Change that if it is not correct.

Date payment due defaults to 20 days from the current date.  Payment due date is used by the creditors aging report.

Select the relevant ledger account for the invoice.  When paying the invoice the selected account is used.  

A one line invoice is created.  If you wish to create more than one line create the order here, then add the lines in supplier charges.  You will need to edit the existing line to change the amount.  Click Invoice to do so.

Once you have entered the correct data click save.  The order will now display a status of Invoiced.  Once you have created an invoice you cannot create another for the same order.  If the supplier invoices you more than once for an order create an order for each invoice.  Or create supplier invoices entirely separate from the order.  

The supplier invoice is created with one line.  Consisting of the total for all lines entered into the order.  If the supplier is billing you for freight add that as a separate line to the new invoice.