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Setting up Workshop Management  

Create the following to set up Workshop Management.
  • Company - edit the company that comes with the software.  Change the name, address and G.S.T. set up to match your requirements.  If you originally set up the company using Business Accounts edit job budgetting, client billing setup and rate calculation.
  • Departments are optional - if you want to report on profit center/divisions complete at least one department for each department you wish to report on.
  • Create the required employees, materials, plant, overheads, activities, and work types for each company.  You can leave the materials page alone and add the required stock items later.  Employees, plant, overheads and activities are required if you intend to use the jobledgers. If you don't then set up materials and work types only.  Work types enable you to identify the type of work a jobis for and are used when you set up jobs.  You can add employee time and plant charges to job invoices even if not using the ledgers.
  • If you intend importing supplier price lists create the required supplier records.
  • Create the invoice/statement/quotes header layout settings.

  • Company Description This is printed at the top of all reports, invoices, statements, quotes, etc.
  • Email/web site is optional and displays on invoices.  If you intend to email invoices, statements and quotes to customers put your email address here. That is then used in the email form.
  • Sales Tax settings   Whether sales tax is inclusive, or exclusive, on invoices.  The set up also effects how tax is dealt with in estimates and quotes.  Sales tax is calculated if the Registered box is ticked.  Enter the number of months in the accounting period, and whether the accounting basis is payments, hybrid or invoice.
  • Client billing setup  Defines the day of the month that payments are due by (as in "Payment is required by:" on the invoice), and the number of the last invoice.
  • Rate calculation  Converts the charging unit into hours and minutes.  If one unit is 6 minutes enter "6".  Required to include hours worked on timesheets and to convert timesheet entries to hours to export to IMS Payroll Partners.
  • Job Budgeting   This sets warnings if a job's charges are getting too close to a quote, or estimate, that was provided.  This enables you to determine at what point the warning will appear on the client's WIP inquiry form.
  • To include a logo on invoices, quotes/estimates and statements click the Logo button.

    The following form displays:

    Click Load and go to the folder where you saved the logo.bmp file.  Click Confirm.  The logo will now be placed into a folder C:\PSL\Database\images.  If you need to change the logo's size open the file in that folder. Not the one you originally worked on.

    To include a logo you need to do the following first:

    1. Create a bit map file called logo.bmp.  If you have an existing logo that you include on your website open it in Paint and Save as  a bit map file called logo.bmp.

    2. You may need to change the size of the logo.  To do that in Paint click Image -> Stretch/Skew.  Initially decrease the size by 50 percent horizontal and vertical.  

    3. Once you have linked the logo to the company record you can experiment with the size to get it to fit properly by placing it on the invoice/statements (System settings -> Invoices/Statements) and positioning it where you want it. 

    See Invoices/Statements formats for how to position the text, and logo, on the forms.
  • If you want to be reminded to backup your records check the box "Activate system save on shutdown".  You will then be prompted to connect your backup media when you shutdown the software.

    For more information about setting up Workshop Management go here.