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Stock items are used in the materials ledger.  They are grouped together in the work in progress report, quotes/estimates and invoices. You cannot delete a stock item if it is included in any of the above. 

Stock items can be books, clothing, menu items or trade supplies.  See Stock Control for more detail about this.  

Inventory items can be created "on the fly" while you are operating on the materials ledger.   To do so click the button at the right of the materials code field and then the "New" button on the selection list form.

To add, or edit, stock items

If Front Counter is not installed you can ignore the following buttons: Price Breaks, Volume discounts and Package items.  They have no role in Workshop Management. You can use packages if you wish to create items that consist of multiple items from the inventory.  For example pre-packaged units.  This means the inventory level is drawn down for all components that make up a package.  For example if a package includes three of X units, and you include two of that package in an invoice,  then the stock level for that unit is drawn down by six.

Inventory items can be auto-replenished when the number in stock reaches a defined level.  To set up the auto-replenish option click Replenishing.

You can set up two types of replenishment:

1. By each item - no supplier code required.  This allows you to see if the minimum levels have been reached and allows you to print an "Orders list" from Stock Management.  Set this using the Items restocking tab on the stock maintenance form.

2. Full, just in time, replenishment. This requires all items you want to run this for have a suplier code.  You can then set warning levels for all items that have the relevant suppliers. Activate this process by clicking the Replenish stock button on Stock Management.  As follows:

From this form you can also set the "rules" for replenishing all items attached to the selected supplier. Click "Set supplier rules"

You can set the same rules for all items.  Or set differing rules.  Including leaving auto-replenish off for some and one for others.

When auto-replenish is on a stock order may be generated for all items, of a specific supplier, that have reached, or are below, the minimum  defined stock level.  The order amount defaults to the maximum order level.  You may review the order once it has been generated.  Run the replenishing process from the Stock Inquiries page of Front Counter or the Inventory form.

Enter the mimimum stock level and maximum order level.  When the inventory level reaches the mimimum stock level a new order can be created.  The items concerned must have a supplier code in the Supplier field.

To update all prices click the Update prices button.  The following form activates:

You may apply the price change to specified, or more than one, price at a time.  Price changes can be increases or decreases.  The change is a percent - not a flat amount.

Warning - the price change utility applies the change to the prices selected for the entire inventory