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Loading price lists

Before loading a supplier's price list make sure you have created the supplier record.

The drop down list displays those suppliers Professional Systems know provide price lists.  If you have a different supplier that is prepared to do so, contact Professional Systems ( with the supplier's contact details.  We will obtain the information about the price list's format so it can be included.

Currently the following price lists can be imported:

1. Placemakers
2. Carters - with groups and without.
3. MasterTrade/Corys/Equipsafety
4. Mico
5. J.A. Russell
6. Ideal Electrical.
7. Electus Distribution (with price breaks)
8. NZA Gold stock file
9. Telfers (Redpaths and Radcliffs)
10. Jaycars Silver core (this includes barcodes)
11. Exported Professionals Series inventory file (CSV).
12. MYOB retail basics export file.
13. From Cashbook Complete inventory.
14. QuickBook IIF converted to CSV

To load a supplier price list follow the following sequence:
  • Make sure the supplier's price list is saved into a folder on your computer.  It is a good idea to create a folder that you always save the files into.  This makes it easier to find them again.
  • enter the supplier code or select from list (not if you are loading Jaycars/Electus - in that case the supplier is created as part of the loading sequence.).
  • Get the list by clicking the "Get List" button and browsing to find it. 
  • Make sure you have the correct supplier's code showing in the "Suppliers Code is" field. Ignore this if loading Jaycars/Electus, NZAGold, Cashbook Complete or an MYOB export file.  
  • If ready to go, click Load.

    Warning - some price lists are extremely large.  For example the Placemaker's full list is over 35,000 items.  J.A. Russell's is over 100,000.  If you stock only a small fraction of the list it may be better to load the items manually as maintaining such large inventories can be a very difficult operation.  Especially if you are loading from more than one supplier.

    If you are loading from Carters, Mico, MasterTrade, or MYOB Retail Basics export list file it is possible to create stock lines and groups as the load proceeds.  To do so check the relevant box in the panel at the bottom of the form.

    If you are loading from Cashbook Complete follow these instructions

    If you are loading from an Excel CSV file follow these instructions

    If you are loading from a QuickBooks IIF file (converted to CSV) follow these instructions.

    The following form shows a file to load from Placemakers.

    If you are loading the Jaycars/Electus price list two files are created.  

    Professional Systems cannot guarantee the file format you obtain from your supplier will work.  It is possible the supplier has changed it since it was last tested.  If the import fails please contact Professional Systems and email us a copy of the file.  We will update the software to handle the new format and provide you with the update.