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Importing from Excel (CSV) file.

To import stock from an Excel CSV file the fields must be in a particular order.  And certain fields must have something in them and be unique.

The CSV file is the same format as the Professionals stock export file.  When importing select the Professionals Inventory option in the Import form (select Update from inventory maintenance).

The import file must be in the following format and order:

Stock code (20 characters), Barcode (20 characters) - leave blank if you don't have any, description (240 characters), supplier code (20) (leave blank if none), unit of measure (10), RRP (leave any commas out), trade price (leave any commas out), buy price (leave any commas out), no. in stock (0 if none), No. on order (0 if none).

Stock code is compulsory.  It must be unique.  Bar code is not compulsory, but, if importing, it must be unique.  If you intend to leave a field blank then that field (column) in Excel must also be blank.

In the money fields, make sure there are no commas.  So 1,000.00 should be 1000.00.  That means the field should be text in Excel, or be set up as Custom - 0.00 so no commas are created when the amount is above 999.99.  Not numeric.

In the Load form follow these instructions:

1. From the dropdown list select "Professionals Inventory".  IMPORTANT, if loading for the first time, uncheck the "Includes lines and groups" box.  If updating the inventory from an export file that included lines and groups check that box.

2. Get the list from the folder you have it in by clicking "Get List".

3.  If you are updating (rather than loading) check the "Create new items" box.  If you have already loaded the inventory you must use the Update option.

4. If the prices don't include G.S.T. you need to add it before loading the file. The file is assumed to be an exported version of Professional Systems inventory file - that includes GST in the prices.

5. If you have any distributor prices check the "Include distributor prices" box. This box is only visible if you have selected Professionals Inventory. If you have changed them since exporting they will be updated. 

6. Leave "Supplier's code is" blank.  This field is only required if you are loading from a suppliers price list.  In which case, if the supplier hasn't been set up, it will be. That code will also be saved inot the supplier code field of the inventory.

7.  Click either Load or Update.  Depending on which form you are using.

Warning:  The load will not run if there is already stock in the inventory.  In that case select Update and check the Create new items box