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Client/Contacts Maintenance

Before creating a new job make sure there is a client for the job. The form allows the creation of new clients and deletion from the database once details about them are no longer required.

To maintain clients go to either the Workshop Management form, or Client Operations. Both of these forms allow you to carry out most job-related tasks.  You can also maintain clients from other forms - such as the Invoice form.

To create a new client click the New button.  

The following fields are compulsory:
   Client Code - must also be unique.
  Last, or company, name.


To add another client click Add. The form will appear as follows:

  • Client Code must be unique.  It can be alphanumeric.  
  • Last name does not have to be unique.  If the company name is very long spread it across First name, Middle and Last, or company name. The full name is what appears on invoices, quotes and statements.
  • Postal Address can be different from the physical address.  Some businesses need both addresses as they are different.  The postal address is used on invoices.
  • Last job card. You may leave this as the default, or increase it to the number that matches the actual number for client jobs entered into your previous system.  This may also be letters - eg A, aa, AA.
  • If you are running more than one company you may import an existing client from the other company's records.  To do this click the Copy button and select the company you wish to import from.  This process does not bring in the client's jobs or other records.
  • Ignore the Sales button.  This only has relevance if you are running Front Counter.

    Deleting a Client

    Deleting a client removes the client record, all jobs and ledger entries for that client, from the database.  

    Before you delete a client make sure the data is so old it has no further use and no bearing on current work in progress. Also all ledger entries must have been billed.  It is a good idea to be sure the client is not likely to repeat as keeping their details helps speed things up when creating another job.
  • NOTE - there must be no other users on the system when a client is deleted or the deletion process may not complete.

    You may search for a client by their code, or last name.  The search panel is used to carry out the search. Click the relevant button.  To change to the client your searching for you need an exact match.  The client selection list allows you to enter partial matches.

    To select a client click the Client List button.  The following form displays:

    Start entering the last, or company, name.  As you type the search is refined.  When you have entered an exact match that is the only client record displayed. This is much faster than continuously using the scroll arrows if you have a large number of clients with similar codes. 

    The Client address search field works the same way.