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Write Offs

There are two types of write offs:

1. Those that decrease a job's chargeable amounts to bill:

When calculating the amount to bill write offs are first subtracted from employee/vehicle charges in the timesheet ledger.  If there is a write off balance left it is subtracted from the materials ledger.  

If you wish to carry out a "balancing" write off against a charge in a ledger enter a negative charge, equal to that entry, into the relevant ledger. Not a write off. For example if an employee has entered 25 units and should have entered 20, and the entry has been billed, enter -5 units as a separate entry. Use an entry date that is later than that of the last billing run.  The next billing will be decreased by the required amount.  If you produce a detailed invoice this entry will show.  

Warning - Only do this if you are sure the adjustment results in accurate payroll calculations if exporting to IMS Payroll Partners.

Click the Write offs button. The following form activates:

You can enter job card-related write offs for any job card.  Not just those of the client displayed on the billing form.  You can only add job-related write offs using this form.  You can edit any existing invoice write offs.

2. Decrease the amount owing:

Activate this form from the Company Control center.  Click Write offs.

These write offs are against a specific invoice. Unlike write offs against charges these write offs show on the client statement.  They also show in the client's work in progress report along with the other write offs if the invoice is for a job (it may not be if the invoice was generated using Business Accounts).

This form allows adjustments to be made to job balances.  The default behaviour with write off/adjustments is to subtract them.  If the adjustment is a write UP place a minus sign before the amount when entering it.

The above form displays two write off entries, one for a job, the other for an invoice. The invoice write off includes an invoice number, the jobs write off does not.

When editing the jobs write off the form appears as follows:

The form includes a check box - Allocate to next billing run.  If checked the write off appears on the billing form and decreases the amount to be billed accordingly.

Write offs and detailed invoices: An additional (Credit) line is added to the invoice. And the balance to pay decreased accordingly.

Write offs and summary invoices: The write off first decreases the timesheet ledger chargeable balance.  If the write off value exceeds the total balance of the timesheet ledger the materials ledger balance is then decreased by the amount left over.