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Job card - ledger entry

Ledger entry allows the user to enter timesheet, plant and materials against a single job from within the same form.

You can carry out complete billing runs from within this form.  

Start this form by clicking the Ledger Entry button on the Job Control form or Job cards - ledger entry on the Workshop Operations form.

Ledger entry allows you to carry out most operations on an existing job.

To maintain Timesheet data make sure the tab labeled Timesheet Ledger is on top.  Likewise when maintaining the materials ledger.

The Active job panel shows how much has been charged (billed), and how much there is to charge, for the displayed job card.

You can determine whether to bill the client based on the uncharged balances.  To bill them click the Bill button.

See Materials Quick entry for a description of that page and how it functions.

Plant ledger entry requires that the system settings for plant items be completed.

When adding a plant ledger entry do the following:
  • Select an existing Plant code.
  • Select the entry date.
  • Select the activity.  Once selected the description of the activity is placed in hte Description field.
  • Modify the Description field if required.  Remember, the description is printed as part of the invoice details if you bill to a detailed invoice.
  • Enter the number of units.
  • There is no need to change the Charge amount.