Professionals Workshop Management

The complete management suite for contractors and workshops.

Workshop Management and point of sale integration

Job operations are fully integrated with back office and the POS. No need to use two sets of software. Easily include job payments in bank deposits and keep your finances in order.

Workshop management functions are not just addons to the POS. They are designed to support everything from the most simple job to multi-stage projects.

Customers can have multiple jobs.

Jobs can cross years when dealing with large jobs. You can set up multiple job stages.

Optionally track labour, stock and plant usage

Enter labour, plant and stock into job invoices without using the ledgers. When you need to track them in more detail you can switch to the ledgers and still see the history of previous invoices and payments for all projects.

Record employee time in the timesheet ledger. Capture what activities employees carry out on jobs if you need to.

Timesheets allow you to enter non-chargeable time (holidays, sick leave, administration time) so you can produce full employee timesheets to support payroll functions.

Track service history on customer items - vehicles, electrical equipment, computers, etc.

Ensure charge rates are adequate to cover costs

Include normal time, over time and double time cost and charge rates in employee records.

Plant usage can be tracked by hours, kilometers.

Job progress reports include quotes/budgets if you have set them up. Ensure charging complies with customer expectations. No surprises.


Track and recover costs

Includes cost and charge rates for labour, plant and materials. So you can tell if you are likely to make a profit on a job.

Quotes can be set up using realistic cost and charge rates. Lessen the error rate and make sure there is timely information about possible cost overruns.

Customer billing

Invoicing options are flexible and provide a professional appearance. Include your logo on invoices, quotes and statements.

Comprehensive debt tracking tools - aged debtors, unpaid invoices, client balances. Professionals Workshop Management makes it easy to track, and recover, debts.

Flexible billing options. Bill monthly or at the end of each job stage.

Flexible quotes and estimates tools

Produce realistic quotes and estimates using inventory, employee and plant cost and charge rates.

Email quotes to clients and include in the job record as a warning of possible overruns. Better to catch them early. Professionals Workshop Management allows you to do this.

Job priorities

Job priorities can be set when the job comes in - high, medium or low priority. This allows you to keep a track of critical jobs. Job inquiry and reporting provides full support.

Customer Management and activity tracking

Professionals Workshop Management's unique booking facility allows you to enter customer bookings, create jobs and invoices with the minimum of fuss. All from the same form.


As your business grows Professionals Workshop Management supports you.

No need for any additional modules. Stay with a system you are already familiar with.

Use the unique Actions Manager to track what needs to be done and when.

Set up timetabled actions that allow you to advise (by email) customers of things due to be done.

Includes EFTPOS terminal integration. Updates the debtor's record immediately the customer pays their bill.

Quickly review the status of jobs using the Job Control center.

Includes Workshop Workstation so staff can keep jobs up to date easily.