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Company Set up

Edit the company record.  You must replace "Name" with your business name.  

  • Company name is included on the top of reports and receipts. If you leave "Name" in the field the startup wizard activates every time you start Retail Business.  Change the name to your company name. 
  • Enter a description of the company.  This prints below the company name on invoices and receipts.  It can be something like "For all your electrical needs", or "Fresh vegetables every day."
  • Include your postal address details if you intend using the G.S.T. imputation form and invoices. There is no field set aside for postal zone.  Include that in the same field as you enter your city/town.
  • Complete the G.S.T. component if you are registered for G.S.T.  See Setting up G.S.T. for how to do this.  Your G.S.T. number has to be printed on receipts so you need to include it.
  • If you have a logo you want to include on invoices, statements, quotes and delivery dockets click Logo. Another logo size is required for receipts - it has to be smaller. Use Paint to convert a JPEG file to BMP and change the size to fit A4 paper.

    The following form displays:

    Click Load and go to the folder where you saved the logo.bmp file.  Click Confirm.  The logo will now be placed into a folder C:\PSL\Database\images.  If you need to change the logo's size open the file in that folder. Not the one you originally worked on.

    To include a logo you need to do the following first:

    1. Create a bit map file called logo.bmp.  If you have an existing logo that you include on your website open it in Paint and Save as  a bit map file called logo.bmp.

    2. You may need to change the size of the logo.  To do that in Paint click Image -> Stretch/Skew. Or Resize. Initially decrease the size by 50 percent horizontal and vertical.  

    3. Once you have linked the logo to the company record you can experiment with the size to get it to fit properly by placing it on the invoice/statements (System settings -> Invoices/Statements) and positioning it where you want it. 

    See Invoices/Statements formats for how to position the text, and logo, on the forms.
  • If you want to be reminded to backup the database check the box "Activate system save on shutdown".  You will then be prompted to connect your backup media when you shutdown the software.
  • If you intend to use checkout scales check the box "Use checkout scales".  This enables you to activate the checkout scales settings from the POS settings form.
  • If you intend to use the booking functions check the box "Activate customer bookings".

    If you activate customer bookings an additional button is visible on the Full Service POS - Assign Booking.  The POS interface selection form includes two additional buttons - "Bookings" and "Staff rosters".  As follows:

    Staff rosters aren't necessary.  They may be useful if you need to keep track of staff availability and to help staff know when they are expected to be on.

    If you intend to accept payment for invoices using the POS you can help speed things up by entering an income account code into the "Default income account" field. The one already set up is account code 100. If you leave this field empty you will be prompted to select an income account when the invoice payment is being finalised.