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ASB Import file

The file starts with a lot of summary stuff.  Do not accept these lines. You may delete them or go to the first transaction line.

Also delete, or ignore, the column header line.

If you have created any cheques in cheque entry remove the matching cheques from the file.  

If a cheque is in the download file, and you need to create it with multiple lines, you may create it here, then switch to Cheque Entry to complete the entry. Change the first line to match the actual transaction and then add lines.

Because cheque details are so limited it is a good idea to replace the bank's narrative with your own.  When you do so, and if you have already used that narrative, the automatic record matching facility results in the rest of the transaction being defined as for a previous import with the same narrative.  For example if you replace :"1076 CHEQUE" with "Telecom payment" the source, type and journal account matching the most recent cheque for Telecom is used.