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Department/Lanes Set up

Professionals Retail Business allows multiple departments/lanes for your company (up to 9999). Departments are optional.

A company's bank accounts can be shared by its departments or allocated to a specific department.  The combination of all company bank account balances is the basis of the company's financial situation.  It is simpler to have one main cheque account.  However you can allocate a separate cheque account to each department if you wish.

For descriptive purposes the name of the department should be filled in (the name is printed on reports). 

The department form appears as follows when in browse mode:

  • There are three compulsory fields.  Code, Name and This is a lane.  
  • Code is used to search for the department, and as a key field in transactions.
  • Name is used as part of headers on reports and to identify the department a ledger account belongs.  
  • If you want the department to act as a lane check This is a lane.  The default, when creating a department, is not checked.  Once the department has been defined as a lane you can allocate it to the required lanes by using Lane Settings on each lane's computer. The department's name is used instead of the company name on receipts.
  • The other information (address, etc) is for your own purposes.  

    If you set up a department so it can be allocated to a cashier lane you can obtain end of day totals for each lane.  If you have more than one lane for any department then the end of day cash up is for all lanes that belong to that department.

    You can still obtain a total end of day cash up for all lanes by using the back office computer.  Providing it hasn't, also, been set up as a lane.

    Once you have defined the department as a lane you can then attach it to the relevant cashier lanes.  To do that open Front Counter, then Select POS interface and click "Lane settings".  The following form activates.

    Select the relevant lane's code for the field "Department for this lane".  Click Save.

    You must use Lane Settings if you have multiple lanes and use the integrated EFTPOS option.